Mediocrity Around Me!

“If a woman happens to have particular superiority, for example a profound mind, it is best kept a profound secret.”
 – Becoming Emma

It is world of mediocre, where possessing a skill or nurturing one’s own  talent harasses and tortures others. Let this others be your family members(combined), friends or the one's you've supported unconditionally. Jealousy and selfishness shades everything. Everybody's wants to compete and they will compete with you, even if you don't desire. Is this a social fact that, a learned have to be ruled by mediocre? Just because the learned fail to satisfy others ego by false appraisal? Some say learned are those who aren't knowledge seekers but those who have skill to satisfy others ego. Now I am loosing track on what learning is ..What an Irony!

Institutions are brooded by the same mediocre class whose ego is satisfied by deep buttering and complete submission. How can they fail to see they are marinated and buttered? Is their Ego so weak and unsubstantial?

Do you think this frail support can stop me from growing? Let the entire world turn against me, let the parasites try to suck-up my spirit, let butter cups butter the baals and let all the power and forces try hard to break my will. To all those I promise I will grow, I will grow. With the power of will vested in me and wisdom assimilated. I will learn and I will grow. 

(Feelings of distress towards the incapable parasitic buttering creatures. Who fail to grow and ruin those who grow)

- Aparna Bhumi


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