One Year First Shot

One year One year One year One year!
You passed so fast than any other year!
Memories with dear and learning on peer!
Oh year! Let the time go same next year!

Learning here progressed geometrically
Life, masks, mood, Marley and melody!
Asspainments and exams all my way
sure to witness something better in may!

Mastering masters is no big deal
mastering mind gives good feel!
Paradigm shift happened for real
I Came I saw and rest to reveal!

Thank You TISS For an amazing, adventurous, shocking and splendid Year :)

- Aparna Bhumi


  1. It is clearly evident in your writing that your learning has been by leaps and bounds and how much you have been experiencing. Whether it is in an article or a poem or even it could be as simple as the welcome note on your blog.
    Awaiting for more such writings from you..


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