Shattered Self

World has been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls. Technology instead of uniting people is isolating them and limiting their world into a finite and virtual one. Globalization pretends to unite world, but all it does is polarization, stratification, segregation and homogenization. This trend is engulfing many cultures like that of phagocytes. Exploitation wouldn't be any easier. I live in a world where there is right to dominate others in the name of freedom of expression. All my dreams to shatter and hope cease to exist in my thinking. Some lazy mornings I wish I didn't knew anything about this and exist like others who are happy not knowing these. Is this realization has any meaning? I don't know, I started my journey as a rational and optimistic person who had her set of values and believes but today my rationality questions existence of everything. My glasses are clean but my vision is blurred. I don't know where I am heading. But definitely one day I might find meaning in what I did, doing and do!  

Aparna Bhumi


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