You can't label this!

I never understood my affinity to you
I just thought we were too lost souls
Who found each other in one another

I never tried analyzing our relation 
for me it was special not to be labelled
But, You wanted a stronger bond..... 

The bond you wanted to label was love
I never realized your emotions for me
Never, until you deserted me...

I didn't share the same emotion with you
But let me let you I relished more than you
For I, grounded and bonded....

I broke your heart by not reading you
and you are breaking mine everyday 
All I can say is you misunderstood 

We have lost the solace of each other's company
For you labeling and owning me was motive
For me the conversations all mattered..

I don't miss you as I miss lot of other things
All I feel is regret to start that talk
the talk that made us walk miles.

Aparna Bhumi


  1. its amazing..and emotional too :) i love it...looking forward to read more in the coming days. all the best..

  2. Thanks Esther
    Was too emotional and short of words to pen down.
    Thank You.


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