Another Interpretation!

Windy winters and dry grass
Dusty books and creaky windows
Dear empty pages
Dearest Hero pen!

I am scribbling all day
Drying all the ink left
He isn't any other guy
Yes true, he is shy!

Well well I never saw him
Till a birdy told and sketched him
It was not him that I was attracted
It was his ideas that I heard

He wasn't just any other guy
His smile was like a sunshine
radiant, vibrant and warm!
His eyes were as bright as
letters written with fresh ink!

Everything became important
the way he rubbed his nose
his hand pressed against his chin
sharp eyes gazing through

Winter came to an end
My foggy glasses changed
I saw a new person who is
not even close to my interpretation

You are two different people
Perfectly blended and fixed
With the surrounding
You enable the person
Person you desire..

But with few instances
In few instances
you changed the opinion
Which was firm for months

In a way I am glad
that You aren't the person
I interpreted as Mr. Sunshine

I can't imagine how crazy
how dreamy I would be transformed
for that I loved that sunshine smile
for quite a little time
where I thought
We liked each other.
But it was for very little time.

Is it true? Tell me!
I am waiting
Waiting for your words!

- Aparna Bhumi


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