What Is Important?

Things which are important aren't interesting. Things which interest me aren't felt important by others. We are defined and labelled based on someone else's interests. Lost in ignorance and fierce emotion to compete we forget who we are or what we want, fight with unknown. Yes we fight with unknown enemy, It is only after some time you realize that you are involved in a fight which you never desired. Feels like a pawn or caroms coin. When we tend to do what we don't what for a period of time we loose part of us which craves for difference.

I am in the world of savaged for money, where wisdom and knowledge have limited role. Knowledge acquired is market linked, the more you influence market the more knowledge you have.The world I see prefers monotony over adventure; money over wisdom. As I understand and see the society, I am confused and lost. I was ignorant and was part of it, I try to solve this puzzle and come out. The gravity of the world again pulls me back into the social contracts and social facts and limiting me to a non-living thing.

Till I didn't feel this I was happy. Ignorance is such a bliss.

Why do we fail to value small things in our day-to-day conversations?

Our destiny is made out of hours of emotion. We fail to empathize our loved and blind to see meanings in simple things.

Why should we follow any trend?

I continue to resist what is imposed on me against my interest and emotion!


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