Moment of truth!

People Change! That is the best part in life. Or else we'd be leading a monotonous life. Some remain good, some turn bad, some strangely  good, some really good..According our perception and situation. So these equations are just as common as anything.It is sad that we value people more than the moments, also we classify entire social life in the lines of good and bad. I can not stop wondering if these good bad are in line with utility!

What actually remain are such moments, people change but moments are framed as memories and bring smile or give a taste of how we experienced such moments.

We meet new people and create new moments, so lets it is vain cribbing about those who changed.

It is not that they have changed, it is just that they don't fit in these moments any more.

This is one fraction of my understanding on change, let the change be among people or environment or things. But moments remain same as we remember them.


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