I.WE.US - A Social Fact

We knew our fears
We remember our promises
We are scared
We are indebted!

To close our fears
We decided to bond
To keep the promises
We left all choices!

We are confused
We crave for clarity
When we have in life
We decline to accept!

We think we know it all
We believe all we do is right
We find hard to realize
Realize what we are!

We are lost
We pretend
We Intend
We give up!

As 'We' dissolves to I
I am free!
Thank you society!
I learnt to co-exist
Being 'I' with 'We'
Being 'I' among 'Us'!
Is this evolution?
I have my doubts!
Is this progress?
I still hold onto fears!
Am I bonded?
Yes subconsciously!
There is more of We
In all 'I' see(s)
'I' is some reflection
reflection of 'Us' and 'We'
As I question 'I'
Social facts is all I see..

There is no shift in paradigms
There are no revolutions
It is a re-arrangement
It is a continental drift!

'I', 'We', 'Us'
Are we drifting?
Or holding?

- Aparna Bhumi


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