No postcards, only letters.

One of the best letters which meant something to me. In this age of technology I long writing and receiving such letters.

From chapter 'Someone turned on a tap' of 'Em and the big hoom' by Jerry Pinto.

Dear Angel ears,

(-opening lines of the letter excluded-)

I miss you terribly. But if you are going to send me a post card, I shall abstain. I . think post cards are for acquaintances and now that we are friends, you should find some nice stationery and write me a proper letter. Theses scribbles will not do, they are meant for common masses. 
A butterfly is banging on the windowpane in the corridor and I must now rise to let it out. If your next letter is not to hand with heartwarming promptness, I shall declare you unfit for human consumption and throw you to the lions. 

PS: The sparrow wins. Imelda: nil, Sparrow:One.


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