Idea of Thinkers50

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world."
John Keating
Dead Poets society

The concept of ideation, sharing, spreading, testing its acceptance and understanding the impact of stream of thoughts framed as ideas always amused me. Knowledge economy is the new trend where everyone is trying to build their empire of thoughts to impact people in the best possible way. I am not sure how this 'collective consciousness' of knowledge and growth is taking us. But I liked this concept 'Thinkers50', a ranking system in the realm of management. Initiated in 2011, it is a first-ever idea they say! 

I saw the transition of world around me, shift from aspiring engineers who wanted to build something and add value, to engineers who did management courses and learnt management to become employable. Students of science in pursuit of survival and identity, desire to compete forgot the means behind 'motive'. I saw how things changed from doing to managing. Whatever I see around is management, managing data, managing content, managing methods and methodologies and managing market and yes yes, managing labour such that they limit themselves to doing and not thinking. But what I critically see is that everyone is trying to manage everyone not accept the way they are. When it is work it is required as it is one of the ways to incline multiple-selves towards common goal or vision. But seriously, it is not ending there. 

Getting back to 'Thinkers50', it has broadened to include a range of activities that support its mission of identifying and sharing best management thinking in the world. With core beliefs that 
  • ideas have the power to change the world
  • management is essential to human affairs
  • new thinking can create better future
They are out with their 2015 Rankings and it includes following thinkers in the realm of management

Ranking Name
1Michael Porter (7)
2Clayton Christensen (1)
3W Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne (2)
4Don Tapscott (4)
5Marshall Goldsmith (10)
6Linda Hill (8)
7Roger L Martin (3)
8Herminia Ibarra (9)
9Rita G McGrath (6)
10Dan Pink (13)
11Richard A D’Aveni (17)
12Eric Ries (-)
13Vijay Govindarajan (5)
14Richard Florida (25)
15Alex Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur (-)
16Amy C Edmondson (15)
17Jeffrey Pfeffer (24)
18Martin Lindstrom (-)
19Pankaj Ghemawat (11)
20Steve Blank (-)
21Teresa Amabile (22)
22Daniel Goleman (36)
23Seth Godin (-)
24Henry Chesbrough (37)
25Adam Grant (-)
26Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew McAfee (-)
27Dave Ulrich (30)
28Jim Collins (12)
29Stew Friedman (27)
30Gary Hamel (19)
31Lynda Gratton (14)
32Sylvia Ann Hewlett (16)
33Fons Trompenaars (41)
34Morten T Hansen (28)
35Tammy Erickson (29)
36Jennifer Aaker (-)
37John P Kotter (32)
38Zhang Ruimin (-)
39Subir Chowdhury (40)
40Nirmalya Kumar (20)
41Sydney Finkelstein (43)
42Julian Birkinshaw (39)
43Liz Wiseman (48)
44Doug Ready (49)
45Umair Haque (35)
46Hal Gregersen (-)
47Anil K Gupta (44)
48Nilofer Merchant (-)
49Whitney Johnson (-)
50Amy Cuddy (-)
Apart from the work they are credited to, they also share small articles on this website. It is an interesting read for me, and they adapted to the trend of apps built thinkers50 app. You receive lot of updates and refreshing reads. Redirecting you there, you need not accept or agree with what they say. But, Do ponder! You are as important as everyone else in this universe and your thinking matters!

To readmore and ponder more 

Soon to share reflections of these 50Thinkers; (Peace)



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